What is Virtual Internship Program (VSHIP or VIP)?

S4 Technology, Inc. partners with colleges and universities to provide a virtual internship experience and platform for entry-level programming students and professionals switching careers to gain real-world programming experience outside of the classroom environment. VIP is a non-traditional internship experience, in that it is 100% online. Virtual Interns are allowed to tailor their internship experience to meet their career goals, which may include learning topics like programming, systems analysis and design, technical writing, technical project management, etc.

Students and professionals with busy lifestyles find this experience to be very appealing because they are not required to put their life on hold and work a “9-to-5” schedule as a traditional internship experience would require.

This intense 3-month program focuses on building real-world skills needed to be successful in technology careers found in today’s market!

To qualify for VIP, the applicant must have taken an advanced Java programming course at a college/university or in an extension program, earning at minimum a letter grade of a B or better. A teacher recommendation and transcripts are required to complete the application process.

To learn more and apply for the VIP, click here.

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