Spring Data JPA

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Spring Data JPA Using Spring Data JPA can save you a lot of time when interacting with the database. Spring Data JPA implements the Repository Pattern. This design pattern was originally defined by Eric Evans

Using Joda Time with Spring Data JPA

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Joda Time is the standard de facto for managing dates in Java applications. Using it on Spring is straightforward, simply add the right dependency to your project and you can use it. But some attention is needed if

Setting Profiles for DEV, TEST, PROD

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Spring Profiles provide a way to segregate parts of your application configuration and make it only available in certain environments. Any @Component or @Configuration can be marked with @Profile to limit when it is loaded: @Configuration @Profile("production") public class ProductionConfiguration {

What is AngularJS (1.0.8)?

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AngularJS ngResource module with $resource service to communicate with REST API on server. AngularJS ngResource module provides built-in support for interacting with RESTful services, via $resource service. $resource is a higher-level abstraction on low-level $http service used for server communication. If you have a RESTful

REST API Error Handling

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When building a REST API via SpringBoot, it is important to return meaningful error messages to the calling client. Example { "status": 404, "code": 40483, "message": "Oops! It looks like that file does not exist.",

What is Virtual Internship Program (VSHIP or VIP)?

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S4 Technology, Inc. partners with colleges and universities to provide a virtual internship experience and platform for entry-level programming students and professionals switching careers to gain real-world programming experience outside of the classroom environment. VIP