WebHooks: A way to integrate systems

For example, I've integrated StatusCake with our Slack communication channel.  When Status Cake needs to send a message that our website is down, it will email, SMS, and alert our Slack Channel #vship. Incoming Webhooks

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Slack: Calling WebHooks from Java

Setup Instructions We'll guide you through the steps necessary to configure an Incoming Webhook so you can start sending data to Slack. Webhook URL Sending Messages You have two options for sending data to

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What is CSRF Protection?

Spring Secruity Docs:   When using Spring Security, all PUT, POST, and DELETE requests require "authentication" or you will get the error below { "timestamp": 1460035702156, "status": 403, "error": "Forbidden", "message": "Invalid CSRF Token 'null'

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H2 Database (In-Memory Database)

The H2 database is a popular database to use when developing Spring applications. H2 is written in Java and is easily runs as an embedded in-memory database. Because it is an embedded in memory database,

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Spring Data JPA

Spring Data JPA Using Spring Data JPA can save you a lot of time when interacting with the database. Spring Data JPA implements the Repository Pattern. This design pattern was originally defined by Eric Evans

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Using Joda Time with Spring Data JPA

Joda Time is the standard de facto for managing dates in Java applications. Using it on Spring is straightforward, simply add the right dependency to your project and you can use it. But some attention is needed if

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