Our Purpose


S4 Technology, Inc. seeks to inspire the next generation to pursue STEM related careers, especially careers in Computer Science.  We offer programs for middle school, high school, and college students.


For middle school students, we teach programming and video game design using Hour of Code, Code Combat, or Gamestar Mechanic.

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For high school students, we teach students how to build web applications using HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript, Twitter Bootstrap, AngularJS, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) using our Student Collage platform.

For college students, we provide real-world programming experience in Java using our Virtual Internship Platform.

If you are a college student seeking to apply for the Virtual Internship Program, click here.  If you are a college or university looking to offer the program to your students, please contact Kesha Williams at [email protected].


Colors of STEM
Colors of STEM
Colors of STEM
A non-profit organization that seeks to give young girls of all colors under the rainbow role models in STEM by telling the colorful and inspiring stories of STEM women world-wide.

Colors of STEM